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So now that you have decided BPI Sports is the best way to get in shape and not only has the products you need, but shares in your passion and commitment for excellence, the question is where should you begin? It is a common question because many people want a partner who shares in their pursuit of fitness and want a fresh start. There are several excellent product selections that can get you started on your path to success.

All In One Healthy Starter Kit

Our recommendation is the BPI Sports All In One Performance Kit is a great way to get started. It’s everything you need to jump start your fitness plan. We like to call it a Healthy Starter Kit because it has all the basic supplements necessary to get you off to a fast and healthy start. The kit addresses four main fitness areas:

  • High-quality whey protein for muscle health
  • Weight loss and sleep support so you are well-rested and energized
  • Muscle recovery, energy and hydration for after your workouts
  • Joint support to strengthen critical joint areas

The best workout program should include each of these areas to truly achieve a healthy body.

All In One Starter Kit – Contents

all in one kitFour BPI Sports supplements are included in the package. These four supplements are intended to supply your body with what it needs to successfully get you through your workouts and well on your way to a total body transformation. We do not recommend starting down the road of personal fitness without these supplements as your body may break down and set your personal fitness goals back weeks or even months. Remember the best way to get in shape is to follow a proven plan. BPI Sports wants to see you succeed and realize your personal fitness goals.

Here is the list of ingredients along with a brief description of their major ingredients and how they will benefit you.

Best Protein ™

With 24 grams of a combination of whey proteins, this product is the best way to build muscle, it helps build a lean physique and promotes muscle recovery. Its low sodium content of 140 mg. and virtually zero sugar (2 grams) combine to give you a healthy supplement with virtually no fat.

Nite Burn ™

healthy-young-man-lifting-weights-in-a-gymNothing is more essential to great health than a great night’s sleep. What Nite Burn does is to accelerate weight loss and muscle recovery and help you get a more restful night’s sleep without drugs. It has a proprietary weight management blend that works to help you burn off excess fat.

Best Aminos w/Energy™

Hydration is a key element in maintaining good health and energy levels. Best Aminos is a natural energy combination of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium to give you the muscle support you need when recovering from your workout.


What your joints need during the most stressful workouts is cushioning and lubrication. Vioprex works to support cartilage and promote movement in your joints by adding lubrication using a combination of natural ingredients.

How to build muscles? This starter kit answers that question by addressing the needs of your muscles, joints, and general health to start your workout regimen and begin pushing yourself to your maximum limit of success.

Be sure to check out the FAQs as well, as they answer some important questions about how much of the supplement you should use and other issues.

Best Workout Regimen

Now that you have your Healthy Starter Kit you should spend some time on the BPI Sports website and choose the workout regimen that is best suited for your lifestyle. If you are serious about finding the best way to get in shape then you need to get started with the best workout program and you will…

  • Be better
  • Be stronger
  • Be healthier

Which one of these best describes what you want from your workout regimen?

As you peruse the website, keep in mind that you should start slow and pick a workout that will fit into your existing lifestyle. Read some of the Blogs and see what other people are doing to maximize their personal fitness goals.

Get Started Now

healthy and fitYou should now know who BPI Sports is, why we are making this line of supplements available to you, and how committed we are to see you reach your personal fitness goals. You can review any of the information by clicking on these links:

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You Are Here – Get Started with BPI Sports

We congratulate you on having made the decision to start on your journey to a fit body and mind. The BPI Sports website has a wealth of information on how you can see your fitness dreams realized, and how BPI Sports can help you in that pursuit.

The BPI Sports website has a number of training and nutrition tips as well as personal histories of how others have successfully achieved their personal fitness goals, whether they were simply getting as fit as possible or entering bodybuilding competitions. All of these people had a singular commitment to be the best they could be and realize what unites us all – the pursuit of excellence.

At the BPI website you can sign up for email newsletters that will keep you motivated and up to date with all the BPI news. Also remember they are on Facebook and Twitter, and you can contact them through their web site. Get started now… the BPI Sports program is definitely the best way to get in shape, fastest way to build muscle plus you will feel better, be fitter, be stronger, be healthier and look younger.

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