Best Diet Plan for WomenWhen it comes to diet, men and women are not created equal, so the best diet plan for women has different elements than one for men. FitDay points out that women need fewer calories than men. Mostly, this is due to their differences in size and muscle mass. Common sense tells you that you can’t sit match your husband bite-for-bite at every meal and not gain weight, but also consider that says that an effective diet plan must give you fewer calories than you burn. That’s why the best diet plan for women will also incorporate exercise, to ensure that you have a calorie deficit at the end of the day.

The best diet plan for women is well-balanced. It includes foods from all of the food groups, and ensures that you get enough calcium and iron. Help Guide recommends getting as much of those nutrients from foods as you can. You can always take supplements, but if you eat foods such as legumes, broccoli, collard greens, spinach, lean red meat and almonds, you’ll be getting a bonanza of assorted nutrients while also contributing to your daily requirements for calcium and iron.

Some diet plans tout the effectiveness of skipping breakfast and lunch in favor of a “yummy” shake and eating a full dinner. While those shakes are typically nutritious, that diet strategy is a bit backward. You should eat a full meal at least three times a day and even include a couple of healthy snacks in between. Not eating enough to provide energy or feel satisfied throughout the day not only makes you feel deprived, but it can program your body to hold onto fat. When your body feels hungry, it interprets the feeling as starvation and starts holding onto all the energy reserves it can — specifically fat. It will start using your muscle tissue for energy first, wanting to keep the fat for as long as possible, just in case. The best diet plan for women recommends that you eat full meals for breakfast and lunch and eat a light dinner. With a snack of fruit, nuts or a protein bar between lunch and dinner, you won’t go to bed hungry and will program your body for optimal fat burning.

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