08. December 2016 · Comments Off on Learning to Jump: Breaking It Down and Building It Up · Categories: Physical Fitness · Tags: , , ,

As a child, didn’t you ever feel fascinated by the jumpers at the Olympics? There was the long jump, the high jump and the pole vault. Jumping also came in useful for the gymnasts who just seemed to roll their lithe bodies out onto the floor or explode onto vaults. When you’re playing sports, especially […]

01. December 2016 · Comments Off on Listening to Your Body for Fast and Efficient Recovery · Categories: Physical Fitness · Tags: , , ,

  You probably know how important it is to make time to work out. Most of us are struggling to motivate ourselves to exercise more often. If you’re not that fit, then you really need to push yourself if you want to get into the habit of exercising. However, it’s possible for you to go […]

24. November 2016 · Comments Off on Learning How to Dunk Improves a Player’s Overall Basketball Skills · Categories: Physical Fitness · Tags: , , ,

It’s hard to believe the “slam dunk” was ever a novel idea, yet in wasn’t until the late 50s and early 60s that this high percentage shot was used in professional basketball regularly. Being able to dunk a basketball during a game has become not only a crowd-pleasing shot, but also an advantage for players […]

17. November 2016 · Comments Off on 7 Tips to Prevent Injuries with Pre-Workout Warm Ups and Stretches · Categories: Physical Fitness · Tags: ,

No matter what type of workout you’re doing, it’s necessary to warm up and stretch before you begin, in order to prevent injuries. You can’t move your muscles from complete rest to vigorous exercise without moving them through some easier motions first. And this is applicable to any form of exercise, whether it’s cardiovascular exercise, […]

10. November 2016 · Comments Off on How to Increase Your Vertical Jump · Categories: Physical Fitness · Tags: , ,

  Whether you play basketball, volleyball or some other athletic sport, you’ll become a better player by learning how to jump higher. By practicing some simple fixes, you should instantly see some gains on your vertical jump today. Let’s look at some strategies on how you can jump higher. The only way to jump higher […]

03. November 2016 · Comments Off on What to Eat for a Higher Jump · Categories: Physical Fitness · Tags: , ,

Whether you are looking to ramp up your basketball skills or improve your jumps for dance class, achieving a higher jump is a wonderful goal. After all, high jumps come in handy for many different sports. Besides that, simply working your way toward the goal of an incredibly high jump will provide you with some […]

02. November 2016 · Comments Off on Fun Family Sports Options For Exercising Together · Categories: Family, Physical Fitness · Tags:

Parents have plenty of responsibilities and today, one of the most important is teaching your kids the value of physical fitness. It’s easy for both adults and children to lead sedentary lifestyles that contribute to numerous health problems, so exercise is something that your whole family needs. Sports are one of the best ways to […]

27. October 2016 · Comments Off on How to Dunk a Basketball · Categories: Sports · Tags: , ,

Every popular basketball player from Lebron James and Michael Jordan to Yao Ming and most recently Stephen Curry have endlessly wowed audiences worldwide with their ability to deliver great dunks on the court. Given that dunking holds with it the capacity to displays prowess while scoring maximum points, serious basketball players put a lot of […]

20. October 2016 · Comments Off on The Muscles That Drive Your Vertical Jumps, And How To Build Them · Categories: Physical Fitness · Tags: , ,

While there are a number of different physiological elements that come together to contribute to your vertical jump height, the strength of the muscles you engage is one of the main pieces of the puzzle. The quads and the hamstrings play the greatest role in your ability to generate explosive force for a jump, but […]

13. October 2016 · Comments Off on How to Jump Higher: 10, 9, 8 . . . Takeoff! · Categories: Physical Fitness · Tags: , ,

Believe it or not, discovering how to jump higher is possible through training. Even if you are a natural, and can jump up and grab the rim of a basketball hoop, with a little training you can achieve greater vertical heights than you thought possible. Many professional basketball players and those aspiring to become pros, […]

01. July 2016 · Comments Off on HIIT Can Help Balance Hormones · Categories: Health, Physical Fitness

Do You Need HIIT To Balance Hormones For You? HIIT is great for weight loss, focus, and energy. One key reason this approach to exercise is so effective may be that it is the most effective exercise strategy to balance hormones. If you think hormone imbalance doesn’t apply to you, take a look at the […]

20. June 2016 · Comments Off on HIIT For Women – Is This What You’ve Been Missing? · Categories: Health, Physical Fitness

Is HIIT The Workout You Need? Women workout for a variety of reasons. Some want to tone up. Other women want to improve their cardiovascular health. Still others want to lose that fat that has been following them around for way too long. If you are working out to lose fat and not achieving the […]

06. June 2016 · Comments Off on How To Know If Your Workout Is Too Easy · Categories: Health, Physical Fitness

Find Out If Your Workout Is Too Easy Wondering if your workout is hard enough is a common question today. There is a good reason for this. Working out takes time and effort and sometimes money (if you use a gym). No one wants to spend precious time, money and energy day after day, week […]

20. May 2016 · Comments Off on Is Your Current Workout Working For You? · Categories: Physical Fitness

Where Is Your Current Workout Taking You? If you are getting exercise on a regular basis, you are way ahead of the crowd. If your exercise makes you feel good and satisfied, that is another big plus! If you have goals you want to reach through working out then you need to be sure you […]

16. May 2016 · Comments Off on Why HIIT Workouts Are The BEST For Fat Loss · Categories: Physical Fitness

For The Best Fat Loss Use HIIT Workouts If your goal is losing fat there is no faster, better way than with HIIT workouts. Its hard to believe that using short bursts of intense exercise you can actually increase your fat loss but it’s true. To understand more about why HIIT workouts are better for […]

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