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Tips To Help You Keep Kids Active and Healthy The world has changed so much. In the past kids were naturally drawn outside. There were many things to attract their attention in nature, there were friends, there were chores, and outside meant play. All of the outdoor attractors involved some kind of movement, often very […]

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Stay Hydrated To Have A Good Workout Staying hydrated is important for every person everyday. Our bodies are made up mostly of water. Our blood is 82% water, our brains are 95% water and our lungs are 90% water. Just a 2% drop in body water can cause a small but critical shrinkage of the […]

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Kick Out Sugar Cravings For Good! Sugar Cravings! UGH! We all get them. Maybe not anymore! Eating foods that are high in simple sugars has been shown to have negative effects on your health and your weight. For many of us we can even feel the bad effects of eating sugar fairly soon after. So […]

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The Biology of Post Workout Hunger Do you often finish a hard workout and all you can think about is food? It might be tempting to see working out as an excuse to treat yourself to whatever you’re craving, but it’s important to realize why that post workout hunger is happening and address the cause, […]

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What Happens When You Get Too Much Salt Do you ever wake up the day after a big, salty meal, and feel swollen? Maybe you are sluggish, extra thirsty, or your skin feels dull and tight. These are all signs that you’ve gotten too much salt and your body is trying to make up for […]

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Eating Right for Strong Bones We all want to have strong bones. Having excellent bone health means being able to do the things we want to do with little or no pain. Having a good diet, one that gives your body the nutrients you need to build strong bones is important for your entire life. […]

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A Junk-Food Diet Is Counterproductive to Your Exercise Goals Do you ever wonder if working out enough means you can let go of your diet? It turns out, the opposite is true – if you want to get the most out of your workout, you need to watch what you eat and make sure you […]

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Signs of Lack of Protein Moving to a more plant-based diet is good for your health based on the most recent research, right? Yes, it is — if you pay attention to getting a balanced diet including getting enough protein each and every day. Making dietary changes can be confusing, so for many of us, […]

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Avoid These Exercise Mistakes Did you know that exercise can be one of the best things you can do for your digestive system? But there are a few mistake you have to watch out for that could hurt, rather than help, your digestion. Not breathing properly while exercising A lot of instructors will encourage people […]

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You’re Not Active Enough If… Do you ever wonder if you’re getting enough exercise, or if you’re just a bit too sedentary? There are some easy signals that nearly everyone would notice – like putting on extra weight without trying. But there are also some less obvious symptoms of lacking enough activity that you’ll see […]

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Is It Possible To Eat And Be Undernourished? In the world of food today, many people are walking around being overfed and undernourished. Fast food, packaged and heavily processed foods often lack the nutrition that foods have in their more basic form. Taking in larger quantities of caffeine, alcohol and processed sugar can block the […]

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Learn How These Healthy Habits Protect Your Heart If you want to be in the best health possible you will want to adopt healthy habits that protect your heart. Understanding how these habits actually impact the health and function of your heart will give you a better understanding of the power you have to improve […]

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How Much Damage Can Junk Food Cause? Think that quick drive-thru run can’t hurt you all that much? Think again. Unfortunately we’re learning more and more that the fast food we often rely on so much for a quick fix meal could actually be doing significant and lasting damage to our brain function. The more […]

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Five myths about exercise and aging Do you ever worry that you’re too old to get healthy? Don’t believe the lies! It’s never too late to get active, eat right, and turn your life around. Look over the list below to see if you’ve been believing any of these myths about staying fit and aging. […]

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Lead Your Children Toward A Healthy Lifestyle If protecting your kids and giving them the best possible chance at a great life is your top priority, then it’s time to focus on making sure they know how to stay healthy. The younger you start teaching them healthy habits, the better impact those diet and exercise […]

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Keeping Kids Active Every Day Keeping yourself healthy is only the first step to a long and healthy life – keeping your family healthy is just as important. Setting your kids up for long lasting health means starting young and helping them understand the value of good diet and exercise in their everyday lives. Most […]

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Are You Getting Enough Nutrients? When Mom was cooking for you chances are you got a fairly balanced diet. Most adult Americans are eating out or eating processed foods most of the time and aren’t even coming close to getting enough nutrients to feel well and be healthy. The excerpt below reveals how two important […]

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Drinking Enough Water Makes A Big Difference In Your Health You may not think about being dehydrated very often in your normal daily life. But the truth is that far too many of us aren’t drinking enough water to keep the level our body needs up to its optimum level. One reason that people go […]

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Anxiety Can Be The Result of a Sedentary Lifestyle If you have ever felt anxious you know it is very unpleasant and can take over your thinking. It is distracting to be anxious and makes it difficult to move forward with your day or your life. New research shows links between a sedentary lifestyle and […]

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Increase Concentration and Reduce Cravings with Your Diet You are what you eat! You’ve heard this expression many times and most of us believe it at least to a point. Over the years more and more information has become available through numerous medical studies showing that in every aspect of your body your diet has […]