Family playing soccer footballFinding the right activities for the whole family to enjoy is really not as difficult as it may seem. Staying active and healthy kind of go hand-in-hand . If you’re not playing amateur sports or professionally, it doesn’t always mean you’re in top physical and healthy shape, but participating in physical activities will get you closer to healthy than sitting on the sofa will. Getting everyone involved in sports for the whole family can turn exercising into fun games, and creates the opportunity for some family quality time.

If you belong to a family-oriented sports and health club, your kids can join basketball and volleyball teams with kids their age, and the entire family can have fun watching the games and supporting their siblings. If you don’t happen to have a club membership, though, there are tons of other great ideas for sports for the whole family to get involved in.

The Family That Plays Together

Of course, the sports your family participates in should be sports for kids, ones that they can realistically take part in. Parents suggests that the family take part in a marathon or a walk or run for charity. Depending on the ages and abilities of your kids, you may or may not have a chance of placing, but that’s really not the point. Enjoying time together and getting fit while you do it is more important than leaving your 10 year old in the dust so you can cross the finish line first. Additionally, if your family is doing it for charity, you’ll be teaching your kids benevolence and compassion for others on top of doing something physical together.

Wilderness Fun

If your family enjoys wilderness fun, paddle boarding tops the Daily Times list of sports that are enjoyable for everyone. It doesn’t require loads of gear, but you do need a paddle board (looks kind of like a surfboard) and a life jacket. And, since you don’t want to be up the creek without your paddle, you will, of course, need a paddle. There are even certification classes that everyone family can take together, qualifying paddle boarding as one of the terrific activities for the whole family.

Tennis, Anyone?

Tennis for all age groupsTennis is also an excellent sport for families to play together. Basha Tennis lists all of the reasons why it’s a fabulous family sport including teaching teamwork, cultivating mental strength and physical fitness, how simple it is to learn and the fact that it’s an all-ages sport. Boys, girls, moms and dads can all have a fun time playing tennis together, and it’s not always dependent on good weather. Many cities have indoor tennis facilities that make it an all-weather family sport.

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