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Where Is Your Current Workout Taking You?

If you are getting exercise on a regular basis, you are way ahead of the crowd. If your exercise makes you feel good and satisfied, that is another big plus!

If you have goals you want to reach through working out then you need to be sure you are pushing your body enough to keep it moving forward. It can be hard to measure how much to challenge yourself.

Here is one way to tell if you need to push a bit harder so your workout can help you achieve your goals.

Your Not Sore The Following Day

Your muscles won’t and shouldn’t feel sore after every single workout (according to the American College of Sports Medicine, this is known as delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS), but you should still have occasional days where you feel the work your body put in from your previous workout. Don’t push your body to the max every day, but instead aim to go your hardest once a week or so. To achieve that “good sore” feeling, you’ll need to challenge your body more than usual. Try increasing the intensity (turn up your resistance or try a heavier weight), extending your overall workout time (run for 45 minutes instead of 30), or stay in a challenging position for longer (hold that tree pose as long as possible). DOMS shows that you are using your muscles in ways they aren’t used to or to more extent than usual. DOMS is a result of your body repairing tiny microscopic tears in your muscles created during your workout, which will then heal to become stronger than before, leading you to perform better the next time you do that activity. When you do feel sore, give your muscles some TLC by taking time to stretch, foam roll, get a massage, or soak in a bath with Epsom salts, as Shape magazine suggests. (And remember, sore-pain is good, but pain-pain is not.)
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Two More Ways To Know If Your Workout Is Moving You Forward

In addition to muscle soreness, here are two additional ways to keep track of how you are doing when it comes to workout effectiveness. You’re spending time and energy working out, so you want to get results! Use these simple measures and start getting the results you want!

You’re not monitoring your heart rate

Whether you’re on a cardio machine or doing some high-intensity interval training (HIIT), your heart rate should fluctuate between 75% of your maximum when you’re just starting out, eventually building to 100%. (To roughly determine your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220). An easy way to track this is by using a heart-rate monitor that will let you know, in real time, where your heart is at. Some people mistake sweating to be the only indicator of working out hard enough, when in reality some people may just be more prone to sweating than others. A heart-rate monitor is simply the most effective way to gauge your intensity level. These days they’re easy to come by and definitely worth the investment. But if you don’t have one, go old school and stop to check your pulse halfway through your workout.

You can hold a conversation

A leisurely stroll with a friend is a nice way to pass the time, but not if you expect that activity to help you lose weight. To put it simply, if you can hold a conversation during your workout, you’re just not working hard enough. Short phrases, perhaps, but if you’re able to belt out Taylor Swift while jogging, you need to reassess your workout plan (and maybe your level of shamelessness).
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How to you track if your workout is effective?

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