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For The Best Fat Loss Use HIIT Workouts

If your goal is losing fat there is no faster, better way than with HIIT workouts. Its hard to believe that using short bursts of intense exercise you can actually increase your fat loss but it’s true.

To understand more about why HIIT workouts are better for fat loss here is an explanation of what studies have recently shown.

Diet notwithstanding, the workouts that burn the most energy are going to result in the most fat loss. Energy expenditure while exercising alone doesn’t fully explain how much better high-intensity interval training is for losing fat, though.

A study conducted by The University of Western Ontario gives us insight into how much more effective it really is.

Researchers had 10 men and 10 women train 3 times per week, with one group doing 4 to 6 30-second treadmill sprints (with 4 to 6 minutes of rest in between each), and the other group doing 30 to 60 minutes of steady-state cardio (running on the treadmill at the “magical fat loss zone” of 65% VO2 max).

The results? After 6 weeks of training, the subjects doing the intervals had lost more fat. Yes, doing 4 to 6 30-second sprints burns more fat than 60 minutes of incline treadmill walking.

The exact mechanisms behind HIIT’s superiority aren’t fully understood yet, but scientists have isolated quite a few of the factors:

Increased resting metabolic rate for upward of 24 hours after exercise.

Improved insulin sensitivity in the muscles.

Higher levels of fat oxidation in the muscles.

Significant spikes in growth hormone levels (which aid in fat loss) and catecholamine levels (which are chemicals your body produces to mobilize fat stores for burning).

Post-exercise appetite suppression.

And more… The science is clear: if your goal is to burn as much fat in as little time as possible, then HIIT is the way to go.
– via Muscle For Life

More Evidence That HIIT Workouts Are The Way To Go!

For real results in the least time, there is ample evidence that HIIT workouts are the best. You can achieve great weight loss results in a fraction of the time when compared to doing steady state cardio exercises. Take a look at these results from an East Tennessee State Univerisity study.

A 2001 study from East Tennessee State University concluded that subjects who followed an 8-week HIIT program, dropped 2% in body fat compared to the 0% that was dropped by subjects that underwent a continuous steady-state program.

The same study also stated that the subject who followed the above program burned almost 100 more calories per day during the 24-hours after each exercise.

Regular steady-state cardiovascular exercise helps you burn calories during your workout, but with HIIT, you can burn calories just by sitting or sleeping after you have finished a workout!

It is no wonder that so many athletes and fitness fanatics are using HIIT to their advantage and shedding off the last pounds of weight before any competition.

However, you don’t need to be a participant of a competition to have a reason to start HIIT training – think of bathing suit season, the next big birthday party, a wedding or just your health.
– via Lifehack

Are you using HIIT workouts to increase your fat loss?

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