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What really makes a family extraordinary? Is the bonding or the habits that they share that makes a difference? Or both?

Parents in forties running across the street with their young children on a sunny weekend morning is indeed wonderful to watch.

I’m definitely not talking about the stereotypical family dynamics shown in most Hollywood movies. Building an extraordinarily healthy family is not exactly rocket science.

You just need to know some simple techniques. Let’s explore some of the great things that extraordinarily healthy families do consistently.

They Love to Spend Time Outdoors

If you want to have an extraordinarily healthy family, firstly, spend some time outdoors.  Our smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices are trapping us indoors. So, go out and partake in some physical activities.

Children are too busy watching YouTube and whatnot with their electronic devices. This is affecting them both mentally and physically.

So encourage (and sometimes enforce if necessary) your children to tag along when you and your partner are planning to go to the park.

Now you don’t have to give off your blood and sweat every time you go out. Just go for a thirty-minute walk around the neighborhood. You can also take bicycles instead of walking.

Enjoy the nice and cool breeze and let your body burn those extra few calories that you’re storing inside your body. In a couple of months, you’ll see great results if you do this consistently.

They Meticulously Maintain No-Phone Zones

Not only outdoors, super healthy families also administer the use of phones indoors as well. They have certain times of the day when the phones are to be kept far away.

You can practice it during lunch or dinner time, or when the children are supposed to do their homework. Some families also have their distinct charging stations. They keep all their phones away there for the night to get charged.

I think this is an excellent way to keep away from all these electronic devices and social media feeds for some time. Psychologists also claim this to be a very healthy practice.

They Do Household Chores Together

This is a great way to stay active and healthy. Extraordinarily healthy families take care of household chores as a team. It can be the preparation for lunch or dinner.

If the living room seems messy and needs to be organized, they do it together. This is proven to be an excellent way to enhance family bonding too. And it makes boring, monotonous household chores fun.

They Organize their Monthly Schedule Thoroughly

When it comes to healthy living, it requires careful planning as well. Health-conscious families do that by keeping their monthly plans well logged down in a calendar.

Weekly walks, cycling days and Sunday dodgeball contests- anything and everything should be pre-planned according to date. This monthly schedule is to be followed consistently. No excuses, no last-minute postponing (unless there’s an actual emergency).

Other tasks can be planned around these days. So this way, you can maintain your healthy schedule and other affairs as well.

Healthy Families Have Fun Physical Activities

Extraordinarily healthy families are excellent with planning their exercises too. Instead of just sticking with the regular jogging, running and cycling, they do other activities as well.

It can be an exciting game of dodgeball or a bit of water splashing in the public swimming pool. Or, it can also be a game of sack race in your backyard. Your children will love it and all of you will have your calories burnt with that little bit of fun.

They Snack Healthy

Children often bump on their parents once they come home hungry from school. Well, instead of meeting their demands for hamburgers, pastry, and pizza, serve them some fresh fruits or salad.

I know they are not going to like it but it’s still vital to get them used to it. After all, the end result is too good to ignore.

Healthy Families Communicate

Remember what I told you earlier about lunch and dinner time? All phones and other electronic gadgets are banned from the table. So this gives an excellent opportunity to communicate with each other.

Healthy families practice this consistently. Parents talk among themselves and with the children. They talk about their day and all the interesting things they might have seen on the way home.

If one of your children is going through some kind of difficulty, little dining table conversations can help them come to terms with it. Talking things out will naturally bring the family members closer. Your minds will get all synced instead of being lost in social media.

They Have an “End of the Day” Family Session

The parents have had a hectic day at work, the children were at school. Once they are back and done with their chores, it is time to huddle before dozing off.

The “end of the day” family session is important for bonding. Talking about how well the day was spent and what plans are there for tomorrow makes everyone feel lighter.

Sometimes, a slumber party with your children can be fun too. You can have a couple of those mattress toppers placed in your bedroom and invite your children over.


So the first rule or step of having an extraordinarily healthy family is- limit your interaction with electronic gadgets. You can have Facebook and Twitter, follow YouTube channels and scroll through Instagram. But this shouldn’t be the end of the world you and your family.

Warm up and hit the road. Cycle and run! Go for some sack racing or try some self-improvised games of your own. And more importantly, communicate with your partner and children.

And of course, fill your menus with healthy food items. You don’t have to ban fast foods completely, but limit their consumption.

Follow a monthly schedule for your outdoor activities to ensure consistency. It won’t take you more than a few months to see the changes. Thank me later!

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Shawn is a content writer at FeedFond. He’s as doting a parent to his own two children and a fitness junkie. To read more of his articles, visit Feedfond.com.


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