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Basics of a Good Jump Higher ProgramIt's typically basketball players who are searching for a good jump higher program but, as Kelly Baggett points out in an article for Higher-Faster-Sports, pretty much every sport can benefit from a strong vertical jump. Even professional football uses a vertical jump test to evaluate their players. Interestingly, Baggett points out that, out of all the tests the NFL put their players through; it's the vertical jump test that most accurately predicts which football players will be most successful. When athletes, specifically football players, learn how to jump higher, they're honing their explosive power, and it's that power that makes a successful athlete regardless of the sport.

A good jump higher program starts off with recommendations on strength training, and what do strong muscles possess, if not power? The explosive part comes from learning how to release and apply that power quickly. Men's Fitness calls it storing and releasing force, and suggests perfecting various landing techniques if you want to learn how to jump higher because it is in a proper landing that you are able to effectively absorb and redirect force for the purpose of executing an explosive vertical leap.

In the end, the exercises you choose to learn how to jump higher will help your success. Plyometrics are often the most recommended exercises as many of them tend to be explosive. That feature makes them useful because, by perfecting the exercises you'll be perfecting form in general that can be applied to an impressive vertical leap. Various squat jumps, such as barbell and broomstick squat jumps, are extremely useful. Basic squats aren't necessarily plyometric but, if you are able to increase the weight of the barbells you use to do them and still maintain proper form while performing them quickly, even this basic weight room exercise will help you learn how to jump higher. Many plyometric exercises incorporate jumps and those, too, are effective for improving your vertical jump. Box jumps and depth jumps, for example, should be in any jump higher program when you want to increase your vertical jump.

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