Best Weight Loss PlanThere is a ton of advice available for people who want to lose weight, but with all the fads and seemingly conflicting reports, it’s difficult to know which is the best weight loss plan. Should you follow the one that has you eating all protein and no carbs all day long? Is the one that recommends shunning any food that wasn’t readily available to cavemen the one to trust? Or should you eat nothing but fruits and veggies?

The truth is that your body needs a variety of nutrients so, while any diet that forbids any specific type of food may bring immediate results, you’ll find those results hard to maintain. You’ll eventually plateau and health issues can pop up because you’re not getting complete nutrition. Whether you recognize it or not, that’s good news. It means not depriving yourself so, since perceived deprivation is one of the biggest things that keeps people from sticking to a diet, the best diet plan is one that is well rounded.

Here’s the part that will really excite you: “well rounded” means including all of the food groups, and that even means fat. Medical News Today points out that your body requires fat to function and you literally cannot live without it. It factors in to cell building and plays a part in making your blood clot. Fat gives you energy and it even assists other nutrients in doing their jobs. Just because you need fat, though, doesn’t mean you can overdo it. says that moderation is really the key to the best diet plan. Adults should get at least 20 percent of their daily calories from fat, but should take care that no more than 35 percent come from fat. That’s right around one quarter of your calories, and will ensure that you don’t feel deprived.

Beyond the fat factor, the best diet plan includes plenty of protein, with up to 60 percent of your calories deriving from that food group but no less than 40 percent. That leaves about 35 percent of your daily calories to distribute over the fruits and vegetables, grains and sugars categories. Get 15 percent from fruits and vegetables and divvy the other 20 percent between grains and sugars.

As part of the deprivation-less diet, recommends eating more than three times a day to not only supply energy consistently throughout the day but also to keep you feeling satisfied so that hunger doesn’t kick your body into starvation mode. When that happens, you’ll find it hard to lose weight, no matter how good you are about sticking to a diet. That’s because when your body thinks it’s starving, survival instinct will make it hold onto all the fat it can for as long as it can. A good plan schedules meals and snacks every three to four hours to reassure your body that there’s no danger of starvation. Start out big, and don’t worry so much about carb and fat intake early in the day. You have the rest of the day to burn those off, so let your meals taper and become more protein and vegetable-focused the closer you get to bedtime. When you find the best weight loss plan for your body you’ll sleep better and start seeing a difference in how your clothes fit. You’ll feel great too, from getting all the nutrients your body needs and from how terrific you look.

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