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When it comes to the sporting achievements we all hope to reach at one point during our lives, learning how to dunk a basketball is likely to be high on the list. If you’ve never been particularly tall, being able to touch that net could seem like a dream that’s just far too distant for […]

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Springtime ushers in kids outdoor activities and sports such as T-ball and little league baseball. Kids baseball in general is a terrific opportunity for fitness for children, but it’s the coaches who benefit most from tips for little league baseball, to make the experience as positive as possible for the kids. If coaches play their […]

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It’s typically basketball players who are searching for a good jump higher program but, as Kelly Baggett points out in an article for Higher-Faster-Sports, pretty much every sport can benefit from a strong vertical jump. Even professional football uses a vertical jump test to evaluate their players. Interestingly, Baggett points out that, out of all […]

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When considering sports for kids, parents often wonder how young is too young for gymnastics. You typically know when it’s time to let your kids start participating in a sport when they develop an interest in it. Gymnastics, however, is a different ball of wax than most other sports. Competitors peak at a young age, […]

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If you’ve been searching for tips on how to jump higher puzzle, you might take a look at your body type. According to the Globe and Mail, physics and body type play a significant part in athletic performance. That means how you’re built and how you’re genetically wired when it comes to muscle building and […]

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When a child shows interest in a sport, it’s easy for parents to get ideas of athletic stardom. Tennis, for example, is among the sports for kids that can be started at an early age and, if your child takes to it easily and naturally, it’s understandable for you to envision him winning Wimbledon. At […]

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When it comes to truly excelling in any sport, learning how to improve vertical jump power could help you more than you might think. The more that you hone and enhance your vertical leap, the more benefits you will experience in a number of different athletic pursuits, from gymnastics and volleyball, to soccer, basketball and […]

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Hockey may be the one of the most popular sports, according to The Hockey News, but it also places firmly in the top 10 most dangerous sports for kids. A chart on Nerd Wallet’s Healthy Living section shows that emergency room visits due to adolescent hockey injuries went up 14 percent in a 5 year […]

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Would you like to learn how to jump higher than ever and turn dunking hoops into a simple process? If you’re a professional athlete, or enthusiast who competes in individual or team sports – the chances are that you rely heavily on leg-based strength to help you excel in that sport. Whether it’s football, baseball, […]

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Sports for kids provide benefits beyond improving fitness. According to Parents, sports teaches sportsmanship, teamwork and improves hand-eye coordination. Strained school budgets have resulted in phasing out P.E. for some schools, and school sports tend to be elective, so the responsibility of finding the best sports for kids falls to the parents. It might be […]

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Discovering how to increase vertical jump power can be incredibly beneficial for young athletes, sports enthusiasts, and hobbyists. If you’re big on athletic accomplishment, and you want to take your sports goals further still, the chances are that you’ve looked into different ways to lift more weight, run faster, and even jump higher than ever […]

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Most kids love being active, so kids playing sports is natural. According to Ranker, the top five sports for kids are: swimming soccer gymnastics basketball dance Your kids are probably already involved in one or more of those, or they likely enjoy playing school sports such as football, volleyball or tennis. When a child shows […]

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How to Jump Higher Fast – A Proven Solution How to jump higher fast… is this skill holding you back? Follow our training methods and you can learn how to jump 10″ higher in 12 weeks! Increase your vertical jump is a skill almost every athlete wants desperately to improve. Is it really possible? The […]

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When your kid loves to play sports, it’s tough to keep him or her off the field (or the ice or the court, depending on which sport is their favorite). As a parent, though, it’s just as difficult not to worry about injuries. Though Everyday Health reports that overall injury rates have decreased over the […]

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As a child, didn’t you ever feel fascinated by the jumpers at the Olympics? There was the long jump, the high jump and the pole vault. Jumping also came in useful for the gymnasts who just seemed to roll their lithe bodies out onto the floor or explode onto vaults. When you’re playing sports, especially […]

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  You probably know how important it is to make time to work out. Most of us are struggling to motivate ourselves to exercise more often. If you’re not that fit, then you really need to push yourself if you want to get into the habit of exercising. However, it’s possible for you to go […]

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It’s hard to believe the “slam dunk” was ever a novel idea, yet in wasn’t until the late 50s and early 60s that this high percentage shot was used in professional basketball regularly. Being able to dunk a basketball during a game has become not only a crowd-pleasing shot, but also an advantage for players […]

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No matter what type of workout you’re doing, it’s necessary to warm up and stretch before you begin, in order to prevent injuries. You can’t move your muscles from complete rest to vigorous exercise without moving them through some easier motions first. And this is applicable to any form of exercise, whether it’s cardiovascular exercise, […]

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  Whether you play basketball, volleyball or some other athletic sport, you’ll become a better player by learning how to jump higher. By practicing some simple fixes, you should instantly see some gains on your vertical jump today. Let’s look at some strategies on how you can jump higher. The only way to jump higher […]

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Whether you are looking to ramp up your basketball skills or improve your jumps for dance class, achieving a higher jump is a wonderful goal. After all, high jumps come in handy for many different sports. Besides that, simply working your way toward the goal of an incredibly high jump will provide you with some […]