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Parents have plenty of responsibilities and today, one of the most important is teaching your kids the value of physical fitness. It's easy for both adults and children to lead sedentary lifestyles that contribute to numerous health problems, so exercise is something that your whole family needs.

Sports are one of the best ways to provide physical activity for your children in a constructive way that will encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices as they grow. Why not find sports that you can enjoy with your kids? This brings together your educational responsibilities with your own need for exercise and makes family sports time an activity that benefits everyone's health. Here are some outstanding options:


This delightful sport regularly tops lists of athletic activities that are fun for participants of all ages. It does have some significant requirements in the form of specialized equipment. Fortunately, it doesn't require access to the ocean. Virtually any body of water big enough to swim in can be used for paddleboarding.

Before you invest too much money (and time!) in this sport, make sure it is one that your family is going to enjoy. Start off with paddleboard classes for the kids and don't be afraid to take a few lessons yourself. If paddleboarding suits your tastes, you may have found the perfect family sport.

Family With Paddle Board


For land-bound outdoors fun, try orienteering. Orienteering is a form of hiking that requires you to find your own way around a course with a map and compass. Orienteering courses can be run at any pace, making them perfect for family team-ups. The exposure to nature and the need to solve intellectual problems (in the form of map-reading) makes orienteering a very educational pastime on multiple levels.

Tennis (And Other Racquet Sports)

Tennis is a terrific sport for children and adults to enjoy together. The fact that it requires skill and discipline acts as a great equalizer between players of different age groups; matching up skill levels is more important than matching ages. This makes tennis an ideal sport for your whole family to learn together.

Although tennis is a fair-weather outdoor sport, you can find similar fun athletic activities available year round in the form of indoor racquet sports. Badminton, squash, and racquetball are all excellent options for family sports sessions even during the nastiest winter weather.


Many parents consider teaching their children to swim to be an important responsibility. Don't just ferry your kids to and from swimming classes; get in the water with them! Many children actually prefer to swim in a family-oriented session rather than taking classes with strangers. While head-to-head competitions between children and adults aren't really competitive, you can all enjoy practicing your skills and spending time in the water together. Swimming is a sport that's available to your family all year round with the proper facilities.

This is just a small sampling of the many athletic opportunities that await you and your family. Remember that the exact nature of the sport you pick out isn't that important. You should be looking for a way to get active together that everyone enjoys. Introducing your children to a fun sport at an early age will encourage them to pay attention to physical fitness well into their adult lives.


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