vitamin bGetting In Shape With High Quality Standards

Getting in shape is all about self commitment, focus and following a proven plan that includes high quality products. If there is one concern about taking any kind of fitness supplement it is the potential for adverse and unwanted side effects. BPI Sports recognizes the importance of quality in its continual pursuit of excellence and uses third party testing to ensure that every product they make available meets their highest standards.

The question to be asked is whether BPI Sports not only has the highest quality products, but has the products that meet your specific fitness needs. The answer is an emphatic “Yes!” and BPI Sports has a mountain of evidence to prove it. Read on to discover the high quality standards the Company demands and the wide variety of products designed to meet your every fitness regimen and goal.

Quality of Products

Getting in shape with high quality products should be your first priority. Before you can begin talking about the final process that ensures the highest quality control, you must begin with what ingredients go into each of BPI Sports products. For example, take how the whey protein in our products gets from the farm to the manufacturer. For starters, the milk they use to manufacture their protein comes from Wisconsin dairy farms, not from a corporate farm where the cows have a less than ideal existence. Happy and healthy cows will produce a better quality of milk.

But healthy cows are only the beginning. The Company takes more than 83 gallons of milk to make only five pounds of whey protein. That is 720 pounds of milk. But processing this huge amount of raw liquid whey is only part of the reason the quality of BMI Sports supplements is so high.

During the process, random samples are taken and sent for laboratory testing to make sure the concentration of protein and the quality of the final product are consistently maintained. The testing includes not only the concentration of ingredients, but tests for consistency in color and  flavor. This virtually guarantees that every user of BPI Sports products will get the exact same product.

The Company’s goal is excellence by providing high quality products and providing the best workout program. In order to achieve high quality products they send samples of their products to be tested by a 3rd party for even more testing. They place the final confirmation of quality and consistency on each of their products, stating each product meets the high standards of BPI Sports.

Check out the Company blog for more information.

What Is ChromaDex Verification?

muscle buildingYes… BPI Sports has an independent company verify the purity and quality of each of their products. ChromaDex uses a number of scientific laboratory methods –  gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and infrared spectroscopy – to analyze each BPI Sports product.  In addition, the company also audits the supply chain of materials to ensure they meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards before being released for shipment.

The verification process involves four steps:

  • Auditing and inspection of supply chain facilities
  • Identification and testing of raw materials
  • Testing for any contaminants that will affect product quality
  • Quality assurance testing

The Company’s entire quality process is designed so you know that the list of ingredients on their product labels will be exactly what is in the bottle.

Product Selection

BPI Sports has a variety of products available to help you meet your personal standards of excellence. It starts with the quality of their products and moves on to making sure they have what you need to get the most from your workout and your fitness supplement dollar. To help you get in shape, here is a short list of some of BPI Sports popular products…

For PreWorkouts you can choose from:

1MR Vortex™ – intense energy and focus

PUMP HD™ – sustained energy

When Recovering select from:

BEST BCAA™ – lean muscle recovery

BEST Creatine™ – take your training to next level

BEST Protein™ – best tasting value protein

ISO HD™ – low calorie protein

To add Protein as a supplement:

Bulk Muscle™ – best way to build muscle

Whey HD™ – for lean muscle buildingt:

24/7 Burn™ – multi-nutrient approach to weight loss

Nite Burn™ – better sleep and fat loss while you sleep

Remember, this is only a short list off products BPI Sports offers. You can visit their website and browse through their complete selection of vitamins and protein supplements.

weight liftingFocus On Results

What BPI Sports wants for everyone who is committed and passionate about the pursuit of getting in shape is that their supplements are a vital part of achieving your ultimate goal of becoming better, stronger, fitter and achieving a total body transformation.

How To Get Started?

How to build muscles… most exercise enthusiasts are always searching for the fastest way to build muscle. It is easy to tell that BPI Sports has carefully developed their product line and offers a complete a full line of products available to all those who are serious and committed to their fitness goals. The quality of the product is meticulously controlled and verified, guaranteeing that every supplement you buy will be of the same quality and effectiveness.

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