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Want to learn how to make your shots while playing basketball? Sometimes it's hard to follow through with a shot when you're being closely guarded, but we can help with that! Read on to find out how you can create your own shot — every time you play!

The Process of Learning How to Create Your Own Shot


The ability for players to create their own shot is widely talked about in the world of sports. This refers to the players ability to create a shot while being closely guarded. Here we'll talk about three ways you can learn how to create your own shot. 

#1 Practice

This sounds so simple and it is.

No matter what anyone tells you practice doesn't make perfect.

Perfect practice makes perfect.

You have to practice the right way for good habits to form. It isn't simply standing around the foul line and bouncing the ball slowly and then shooting it.

Making sure your form is correct and you're following through properly is important when trying to practice the right way!

When you practice you have to literally practice game situations.

Work up a sweat and shoot jump shots off the dribble and try hard to simulate what the shot is realistically going to be like during a game.

Working on your vertical jump while practicing jump shots is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Improving your vertical jump will actually help improve your actual jump shots. 

#2 Correct Drills

One drill I learned at an early age was shooting a ball off a quick dribble. This is done by taking the ball in either hand and making a quick move toward the basket and going up for a shot immediately off a bounce.

It is effective because if the dribble is hard enough the defender believes you are going to continue on a drive to the basket. Often they are caught on their heels as you go up for your jump shot.

This isn't easy and needs to be practiced with both hands. It will feel awkward at first but worth it down the road.

Not a lot of players can do this correctly.

A drill that is along the same lines is to continually practice the triple threat position and focus on shooting out of that position.

Imagine you are playing in a game and you have driven by your man for a layup a couple of times.

The next time down you get the ball and go to drive past him only to pull up off the dribble and score on a short jumper. Now he's lost.

You get the ball next time and get in position and jab step to create space only to shoot right off that front foot.

You have him right where you want him.

This is another move that must be practiced correctly. Simply take the ball and get in the triple threat and make sure you take a controlled hard step with your lead foot toward the basket.

If you are left handed it would be your left foot or right handed it would be your right foot. Once your foot plants you are ready to shoot the jump shot. By taking a hard jab step, you will create space with your defender.

Remember to practice your vertical jump to help improve your jump shot!

These 3 moves alone got me a lot of points and a lot of angry defenders.

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How do you practice perfecting your own shot? Do you focus on drills or try something different?

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