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How to Jump Higher Fast – A Proven Solution

How to jump higher fast… is this skill holding you back?

Follow our training methods and you can learn how to jump 10″ higher in 12 weeks!

Increase your vertical jump is a skill almost every athlete wants desperately to improve. Is it really possible? The short answer is… yes and the results can be significant.

How to improve vertical jump has been researched and tested by many experts. There are many exercises you can do to strengthen your legs so you have the power to propel yourself up. However, there is much more you need to know to increase your jump. You have to take care of your shock-absorbing joints, and because your entire body is a kinetic chain, it pays to strengthen muscle groups other than your legs. Using the right techniques along with a proven training system is your only sure way to learn how to jump higher.

Train Using a Proven System and Dunk Like the Pros!

Is Basketball just a game? For many young men and women it is much more. Playing the game of basketball breeds self-confidence, physical toughness, teamwork and a desire to excel. In basketball nothing draws more personal pleasure than a dunk, one of the highest percentage shots you can attempt. It certainly helps to be taller, but regardless your height or experience with the right training dunking the basketball is possible.

Amateur as well as professional athletes participating in all types of sports train to increase their vertical jump. However, most often it's the basketball players who need that additional competitive edge, more vertical so they can master how to dunk a basketball.

Enjoy the awesome dunks in the Best of 2014 Sprite Slam Dunk video below…

Explode Your Vertical Jump by Following an Expert

Jvertical jumpacob Hiller… is a world renowned expert trainer who has helped many NBA players, college athletes, Olympian athletes and amateur athletes. Jacob is an expert trainer and specializes in jump training.  He has helped many athletes increase vertical jump through his comprehensive training program.

Jacob has more than 10 years of experience and has developed his own customized training program called “The Jump Manual”. Athletes across the world are using this very system to learn how to jump higher fast with incredible results.

Dominate Your Competition – Jump 10 Inches Higher In 12 Weeks

“The Jump Manual” system provides a very informative step by step guide that is focused, targeted and a comprehensive training about how to jump higher. By training all facets of vertical explosion you can increase vertical jump by 10″ in 12 weeks. This is by far the best training/coaching Jump system on the market today. In addition to all the training, results are guaranteed. “The Jump Manual” training program includes the following:

  • How To Jump Higher in 45 Minutes – This is a prelude to the Jump Manual System.
  • How the system was developed
  • 9 Essential Variables of Explosiveness
  • Understanding the Science of Optimal Results
  • The Laws of Vertical Jump Improvement
  • What to Eat for Maximum vertical Gains
  • Optional Equipment for Vertical Jump Drills
  • Use Jumpers Forum – Speak to Other Jumpers
  • Pre-Workout Warm Ups and Stretches – Prevent Injuries
  • The Max-Explosion Workout – add 10 -12″ to your Vertical
  • Post-Workout – Muscles Get Stronger During Recovery
  • Progress and Sustained Increase – Contact Coach For Evaluation
  • Gain Inches through Better Form – Add up to 6″ with Form Changes
  • Access to Coaching – Schedule One on One Video Coaching
  • Glossary, Pictures, Videos, Bonuses and Much More Training

A Game Changer/A Proven System See More in Video Below – The Jump Manual

How to Jump Higher Fast See the Proof/Results in Video Below – The Jump Manual

First Step…Remember Your Warm-Up

For anyone who wants to learn how to jump higher preparation is your first priority. Don't forget the importance of warming up first. Warming up boosts the blood flow to your muscles and tendons. This serves to increase the temperature of your soft tissue, making them more pliable and increasing energy production. More energy means you'll be more likely to have a higher vertical jump, and warm muscles mean less chance of injuring yourself. According to Shapefit, there's even a psychological benefit to warming up, meaning you'll be psyched up for jumping higher.

Do Not Stretch Before You Warm Up!

Many people use stretching as a warm-up but, although you should stretch before working out, stretching before warming up is a dangerous practice. When you stretch muscles that haven't been warmed up first you're asking for an injury. The proper sequence for warming up and stretching is to first spend 5 to 10 minutes doing an activity that will get your blood flowing. Jog in place or on the treadmill, use an elliptical machine or pedal at a moderate rate on a stationary bike. Once your blood is flowing then you're ready for some static stretches.

Static Stretches Work

In some exercise forums static stretches are no longer recommended. However, according to Jacob W. Hiller – a highly recognized expert trainer and creator of “The Jump Manual” states static stretches have many positive uses. When performed correctly they improve your tissue quality, muscle strength, blood flow and your overall range of motion. Jacob says to be sure to include some psoas stretches, anterior tibialis stretches, abdominal stretches, lats stretches and trap contractions. In Jacob Hillers' “The Jump Manual” you learn how to jump higher fast and part of the training is how to perform the right static stretches.

Plyometric Exercises

As you're learning how to increase your vertical jump, you'll also discover that an improved jump has a lot to do with strong tendons and powerful calf muscles. Plyometric exercises are pretty much tailor-made for building leg muscles and strengthening the Achilles tendons. Some useful plyometric exercises for jumping higher include box jumps, rim jumps, step-ups, squat lunges, bounding, skipping and lateral cone hops. Usually, it's recommended that you do three sets of 10 reps of each exercise, but you'll do the skipping and bounding exercises for distance, such as 20 to 25 yards. Because these are energy-intensive moves, you should take about 60 seconds to rest between exercises..

Train Your Core to Add Vertical

Putting a focus on building your core muscles will go a long way in increasing your vertical jump. A study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that core strengthening exercises improved the vertical jump specifically. You don't necessarily need any special equipment to perform most core-strengthening exercises, although you can use weight plates, dumbbells, medicine balls or even resistance bands to add an element of resistance for an improved core workout. The American Council on Exercise lists four key exercises that will strengthen your core muscles which will, in turn, help you with jumping higher fast:

  • standing cable rotation
  • standing wood chop
  • seated medicine ball trunk rotation
  • bent-knee crunches

Proper Technique will Protect Your Joints

JumpManualWhen training on how to improve vertical jump, pay as much attention to learning to land as you do to learning how to jump higher. Human Kinetics points out that proper technique throughout a jump is vital for protecting your knees, ankles and hips from the impact of landing, especially if you're jumping over and over as you're trying to learn how to jump higher fast. The physical fitness website stresses the importance of controlling your landing, advising that you land softly with your knees bent and concentrate on making the balls of your feet hit the ground first. Your heels shouldn't hit the floor until you purposely rock back on them after landing. Additionally, leaning forward slightly as you land will keep your hips bent to ensure that they aren't jarred or injured on impact.

What About the Gadgets?

You've seen the commercials for funky shoes and the weighted platforms you strap on your feet that are supposed to help increase your vertical jump. These types of products may have a minimal positive effect on how high you can jump, but there's really no scientific data to back up their claims. The companies that manufacture and sell those products will give you statistics from their own limited research, but the bottom line is that no unbiased source has conducted research to prove these gadgets work.

Voted the Best Professional Grade Vertical Jump Training

The takeaway from all this research is… if you want to learn how to jump higher fast choose “The Jump Manual”. I am convinced, without a shadow of doubt, this is the best program. Spend your money on a program that works and guarantees results. It's the same with just about any goal you want to reach in life. There are no quick fixes… you have to train and follow a proven plan.

“The Jump Manual” is the right plan!

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