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Dr. Izumi Tabata is the man behind the discovery of Tabata training. This is a protocol that involves performing short but highly intensive exercises in a total of 4 minutes. The workouts are done in 20-second intervals followed by a 10-second rest in between each. As a result, it has become the best exercise to get abs and condition the cardiovascular system. It also leads to an increase in anaerobic conditioning.

Thanks to this form of exercise, the heart rate can be raised to as much as 90% of its maximum. And this leads the way to getting results for fat burning, endurance, and stamina.

Because Tabata requires its practitioner to maximize his workout in a short period of time, it is considered ideal when it comes to training for a triathlon.

best exercise to get abs

Triathlon Training with Tabata

If you are interested to do ab exercises to do at home or use this training for triathlon, you can do so by doing similar exercises as you would during the actual event.

You will have to spend the next four minutes on every exercise each morning. And if you’re keen on maximizing your efforts, you can do another round of four minutes exercise in the afternoon.


You can start the exercise with running. To train for triathlon with Tabata, you need to do eight immensely high intensity running bursts at maximum speed, lasting twenty seconds each. In between each, you can rest for ten seconds in order to recover. During this time, you can try to regain your breathing pattern.

Prior to starting, see to it that you are ready for an injury-free exercise. Make sure that you are running on a level surface, quiet street, or a track. Use shoes with enough shock absorbency and have a trusted stop watch so you can keep track of the time.

This best exercise to get abs will require you to use all your physical capability and strain your muscles.

Once the twenty-second interval is over, stop and rest for ten seconds before doing another sprint for twenty seconds.

Under the Tabata training protocol, you will need to do these exercises for a total of eight rounds. In total, this will come out to four minutes.

It is important that you don't slow down towards the end of the training period. You need to retain your intensity level up until round eight as you did during the first round. You'll know that you did the exercise right when you feel like you want to collapse when you're done. It is normal to see stars or vomimt. If ever this happens, just clean the mess up and drink some Gatorade. And remember to do it all again tomorrow.

That's Tabata for you. It's an immense workout but it will get you the results you are looking for.


Before moving to the next round, give yourself a break. When you're ready, you can change to your swimming attire and go to the pool, where you'll do the same training.

For the next twenty seconds, swim to the best that you can. For the next ten seconds, rest on the pool's side. Then do another set of twenty-second swimming burst.

Again, there will be 8 rounds with 240 seconds as a whole.

Since you won't be able to look at a stopwatch while swimming, you may ask a friend to help you keep the time. Or you can use an mp3 player that lets you know when each interval is over.


Again, biking follows the same protocol. Make sure to use your regular bicycle on a safe and traffic-free road. Or you can opt for your exercise bike that you use for your belly workout at home. Make sure to pedal intensely for the next twenty seconds before resting for the next ten. If you can, add more resistance or add an incline.

Just like with running, see to it that you retain your intensity level throughout all the eight rounds. This does not mean that you bike fast, it means biking really fast. You should not be able to carry a conversation while training under the Tabata protocol.

If you are grasping for breath or you are out of breath, this is known as an anaerobic state. This is normal with Tabata and is exactly what you should be in during this training.

In a nutshell, you should feel like you're dead when it's over.

The Benefits

Tabata is known as the best exercise to get abs because of its immense bursts of work. These are all highly effective to build stamina and improve endurance. During the intervals, your body is pushed to its maximum so that it can perform beyond its capability.

When you're participating in a Triathlon event, you need to work at improving your stamina levels. Tabata, while grueling, can help you achieve that goal. Now let’s get training!

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