University of Kentucky logoEven people who don't follow school sports are sitting up and taking notice of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. The college basketball team already made history by starting their season at 36-0 and, according to 24/7 Sports, setting a number of other records along the way such as:

  • longest winning streak for a single season in school history
  • longest winning streak overall in school history

Plus, the Wildcats youth basketball team even made SEC history with their 33-0 winning streak. 

The unprecedented run of wins hasn't exactly made the Wildcats America's sweethearts. In January 2015, CNBC published an article predicting an imminent loss for the UK team. Though Eric Chemi included data from a sports information service, he argued that the numbers, prepared by a “math whiz” and Ph.D. had to be wrong. Chemi contends that with each win, the probability of loss increases. That may be true, but consider that the negative article was published in January and, two months later, the Wildcats remain undefeated.

The Kentucky basketball team seems to either provoke that type of scoffing or cause a bit of confusion laced with pride. The International Business Times gently broaches the subject of how haphazardly the wins have been obtained, but quotes head coach John Calipari directly to say that he's proud that his team can still win with double-digits even when only shooting around 36 percent, and crediting their defense for keeping the record within their reach.

At the time of this writing, Kentucky was preparing to meet the West Virginia Mountaineers on the court. Though 24/7 Sports pointed out that WV ended North Carolina's 37-game winning streak, that was way back in 1958. The Mountaineers' current team may be more in the Wildcats' league, having had wins that have been described as “not pretty.” Still, according to the predictions and betting odds, the University of Kentucky is expected to continue their winning streak, at least winning the West Virginia game, if not the rest in their season.

Post Script: According to ESPN Scores, the March 26, 2015 game with West Virginia wasn't the disappointment the nay-sayers have been predicting. With a final score of 78 to 39, the Wildcats are still on the path to making history.

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