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Lead Your Children Toward A Healthy Lifestyle

If protecting your kids and giving them the best possible chance at a great life is your top priority, then it’s time to focus on making sure they know how to stay healthy.

The younger you start teaching them healthy habits, the better impact those diet and exercise choices will have on their lives long-term.

Eat at least one meal a day as a family

Eating at least one meal a day as a family ensures that your child is making healthy choices during that time of the day. This also gives you the opportunity to lead by example and use the opportunity to teach your children about food choices and healthy portion sizes. By modeling healthy cooking habits in the home, you are helping transfer your choices into your child’s lifelong habits.

Get your children outside and involved

This is another area where you can create these healthy lifestyle habits as a family. Play games in the yard, go on hikes, and just get outside. Playing ball with your kids or involving them in sports not only helps instill a healthy lifestyle, but it also helps them develop coordination and important social skills they can’t learn by sitting in front of a television. Teaching your children the joys of sports early can help them find their talents and teach them to appreciate exercise as a form of fun, not something to be abhorred.

Turn off the technology

With technology at every turn, it’s hard to pull your family away from the tube, the computer screen, the phones, the video games, the iPads, and all of the other gadgets that are such a part of everyday life. But getting your children out of their seats and aware of the world around them helps them become more self-aware in mind and body. Communicating in-person with other children and adults establishes social skills that can’t be learned online and are essential for a successful future.

Stack on the support

Talking positively, encouraging your children, and rewarding them with good behavior helps reinforce good behavior and healthy habits. When your children choose to be active, learn about a topic, choose a healthy snack or get involved with others, positively reinforce these actions by supporting your child and making sure that their good choices are noticed and applauded. This helps build your child’s self-confidence and can help create a strong future leader.

Ask them to participate

Teach your children healthy lifestyle habits by having them help create them in your own home. Let them help grocery shop for healthy lunches, send thank-you notes and holiday cards to friends and family, keep up the house, and make decisions. Teaching your children to make the right choices for the family can help them understand everything that goes into creating a positive atmosphere.
– via www.sparkpe.org

Encouraging Kids To Get Fit

A healthy lifestyle is about a lot more than just careful eating – how much you move your body is just as (if not more!) important than what you put in it. So keeping your kids active and teaching them how important physical activity is will help give them the best chance for a healthy, happy life.

Focus on fun.

You don’t have to call it “exercise,” just consider it an activity. Find out which ones your child likes and encourage those.

Limit TV and computer time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than “two hours of daily media exposure” for children ages two and older. When they are watching or clicking, make sure they take breaks and move around.

Schedule play dates.

The key word here is “play.” Have your child get together with a friend and play a game of tag, race down the block or kick a ball around.

Get fit as a family.

Create some funny dance moves. Put up a net and shoot hoops. You could also visit a zoo, play miniature golf or enjoy other activities where a lot of ground is covered on foot.

Choose fitness-oriented gifts.

For your child’s next birthday, consider giving him or her a jump-rope, mini-trampoline, hula-hoop — something that will encourage movement.

Clean up.

Chores don’t have to be a bore. Sing a silly song with your child as you both wipe tables and counters. See how long both of you can hold a funny face while folding and putting away clothes. Older kids can help wash the car. On a hot day, this can turn into water play.

Skip the mall.

Go to the playground. Sure, most malls have kids’ play areas. But, when the weather is nice, enjoy a local park or playground instead. Fresh air always does a body good; especially a little one.
– via Food & Fitness

Are your kids very active? What are you doing to help them learn healthy lifestyle habits?

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