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Whether you are looking to ramp up your basketball skills or improve your jumps for dance class, achieving a higher jump is a wonderful goal. After all, high jumps come in handy for many different sports. Besides that, simply working your way toward the goal of an incredibly high jump will provide you with some excellent workouts, plenty of new muscle mass, and great motivation to get up and moving.

Healthy food for a higher jump

So how can you achieve the allusive and impressive vertical jump? There are many exercises, warmups, and stretches that can help you reach your high jump goals. However, today we are going to focus on the foods you can eat to help you achieve this goal as well as a number of other athletic feats. These foods will provide your body with the nutrition and energy it needs to perform its very best, and give you the ultimate jump you so desire.

— What to Eat —


Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids. These reduce inflammation and can help lung function, as well as aid with injury prevention. Additionally, some fish—such as salmon and mackerel—contain a good dose of vitamin D, which helps the body with calcium absorption and therefore bone strength.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables contain a variety of nutrients that are essential to improving your athletic performance. One of the vitamins you will find in many of these veggies is vitamin E. Vitamin E has the ability to improve your stamina, making it possible to lengthen your workout and improve your performance more quickly.


An excellent source of protein, eggs can help us in building new muscle mass, something that is required for a good high jump. By eating two eggs a day, you will up your protein intake, and give your muscles the fuel they need to grow.

Lean Meats

Like eggs, meats and poultry are an excellent source of the muscle-building nutrient, protein. Be sure to go for the leanest meats available in order to ensure minimal excess fat intake.


For an energy boost that won't leave you feeling heavy, try eating a banana before your jump workout routine. Bananas contain a good number of carbohydrates, meaning they give you energy. Additionally, they contain potassium and a number of minerals required by the body to maintain a good balance of electrolytes and prevent dehydration.

100% Whole Wheat Bread

100% whole wheat bread can give your body a boost of energy just before a workout. Just be sure to stick to the whole wheat kind and skip the white or partial wheat breads, as these contain extra sugars which your body will store as fats.

A Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies

In order to ensure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to give you peak performance every time you jump, be sure to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of every color. These should be the first and only snack food you reach for, and should fill most of your plate at meal times.

Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is a key part of ensuring you perform well during your workouts, practices, and games. By drinking plenty of water you will remain well hydrated.

— What To Avoid —

Now that you know what you should eat in order to jump higher, let's talk about which foods you should avoid.

Excess Salt

Too much salt can cause your body to retain fluids, weighing you down and making your jumps stay low to the ground.

Extra Sugar

Sugars that have been added to foods should be avoided. While these may give you a nice energy boost immediately after consumption, the buzz won't last long, and your body will be left with too much sugar, which it will turn into fat.

Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates, like the ones found in pasta and white bread, are really just extra sugar and will do nothing but drag you down and leave you feeling groggy.

Too Much Fat

While small amounts of healthy fats are necessary for your body to function properly, it is important to avoid eating too many unhealthy fats. After all, an overweight body is going to be much harder to lift off the ground into a high jump.

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